7 Basic Skill Sets To Increase Your Income

7 Basic Skill Sets To Increase Your Income

Whether you work for a salary, wages, commissions, or profits from a business, you are just like a business in that you are exchanging your skills for money. How much money you receive depends on the knowledge and skills that you have to trade. Let’s take a look at these basic skills and how they can be improved in order to exchange them for more money.
1. Know How- These are the abilities to sell, produce, compute, and deliver your products in exchange for your money. But this is only the tip of the iceberg because the other skills work in tandem with your know how to produce money.
2. Energy- We exchange energy for money. It takes energy just to get out of bed and go to work in the morning, and work at peak efficiency, day after day, after day. The more energy we bring to the table the more we accomplish, faster. Energy can be improved through a regular program of exercise and proper diet.
3. Time- We exchange our time for money. It’s not necessarily how much time we put in, but what we put in the time, how we organize it and make it work for us. Everyone has the same 24 hours every day at their disposal. Time Management separates great success from mediocrity. Getting more done in less time will result in more money. The key to time management is working by priorities.
4. Creativity- Defined as ‘the ability to relate the apparently unrelated’, creativity is the ability to see things in ‘the mind’s eye’ that don’t exist and to cause them to become real. Creativity allows us to develop innovative products and advertising campaigns, new sales techniques, and everything else under the sun. We can definitely exchange ideas for money.
5. Concentration- This is the ability to focus on one task at a time, in the midst of many competing and conflicting responsibilities, knock it out and move on to the next job or problem. Setting priorities on a daily and even hourly basis, is the key to awesome productivity.
6. Decision Making- The ability to gather information and make decisions is perhaps the highest paid of all the skills that we use on a daily basis. Research indicates that highly successful people practice the habit of making decisions, once the information has been gathered, relatively quickly, and change the decision, if at all, relatively slowly. Failures, on the other hand, tend to make decision, if at all, relatively slowly, and to change the decision relatively quickly. It’s difficult to follow them for they tend to run a zig zag pattern. Successful people, on the other hand, will develop a reputation for being effective in whatever they do and will eventually succeed by ‘staying the course’. They know that perseverance and persistence are the most important characteristics of successful people.
7. Communication-Decisions, once made, must be communicated, internally within the company and externally to the world. The ability to deliver information is critical to success, however communication is a two-way street and is the key to team building. Tasks must be assigned and deadlines attached. If the quarterback on a football simple urges everyone to ‘score on this play’ without assigning individual tasks, the team probably would never score.
In addition, listening skills are necessary to ensure real communication occurs. We were made with two ears and one mouth. This is indicative of the need to listen at least twice as much as we talk. In addition, we have the ability to close our mouths but not our ears. When you are listening you are learning. When you are talking you are not. When you listen fully to the other fellow, you will eventually know everything that he knows plus what you know, and he will only know what he knows.

These skills are the essence of what it takes to be a spectacular success in life. Personal Leadership is the ability to get what you want out of life. One who aspires to leadership must develop the habit of a life-long program of self improvement, developing themselves into the leader they want to become. Everyone has the potential to become a leader but leadership skills must be, and can be, developed in order to attain the income and success one desires.


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