7 Reasons To Write Your Goals

Leadership Guru Guy

 by Duke Runyan

Writing your goals ensures that you clearly identify what is most important to you. Since goals are personal, you are ultimately the ‘decider’, and it is you who will have to pay the price, so you must be the decision-maker. But written goals have other advantages:

Written goals:

1.Save Time-Help focus attention, avoid procrastination, minimize interruptions; you always know what to do next.

2. Help Measure Progress-When dealing with humans, any number measured, tends to improve (naturally competitive).

3.Produce Motivation-Reviewing the goals adds clarity and dedication to the mission and objectives; generating excitement and enthusiasm.

4.Reduce Conflict-Saves time and frustration by working priorities out, in advance, among your  conflicting values.

5.Form A Basis For Action-Move from the daydream stage to the reality of solid accomplishments by listing specific action steps and prioritizing them(With target dates attached)

6. Stimulate Visualization-Seeing the goals in your ‘mind’s eye’ (as Shakespeare…

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