BUCKET LIST 101: Bucket List For Dummies!


Bucket Lists do not just happen. They evolve. However, if you know the rules of goal setting, they evolve much faster. When you make a wish or have a dream, that is just what it is, a wish or a dream. It only becomes a goal when it gets written down, with a target date attached.

When I enrolled in the Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting many years ago, we were encouraged to turn on our “Dream Machine” and create a Dream List to become the framework, or blueprint, of our life. The Dreams were written down as soon as they appeared in our “minds eye”. To call them dreams instead of goals, made it easier somehow,  to suspend disbelief long enough to write them down. Actually, the training covered mistakes and failures in advance, building a heavy dose of belief by studying some of the most spectacular failures of all time: Henry Ford, bankrupt several times; Thomas Edison, failed 10,000 times to solve the problem of the electric light bulb; Babe Ruth, the Strike Out King; and on, and on, until the point is made: failure is a necessary and integral part of success. You cannot have the one without the other, so be prepared to deal with it!

The repetitious positive conditioning helps develop a sort of  perma-shield  around the brain to guard against discouragement and negativism. Thereafter, the attitude becomes one of, “Bring it on and let’s get the unpleasantness over with ASAP!”

Goals come in many flavors and colors. There are goals of having; goals of becoming; long range goals; short term goals; personal goals; relationship goals; business goals; family goals; political goals; health goals; spritual goals:

“Whatever the mind of Man can conceive and believe, (s)he can achieve. “

                            Napoleon Hill, “Think and Grow Rich”              

Goals are essential in every area of life. There are six major areas of every life which should be planned, in order to achieve maximum success and happiness:

1)Mental and Educational, 2) Physical and Health, 3)Social and Cultural, 4)Spiritual and Ethical, 5) Financial and Career, 6) Family and Home.

Each area of Life is like a spoke of the “Wheel of Life” and it should be a continuously expanding spoke, and, hence, your Wheel of Life will be continually expanding…no telling how far. A lifetime devoted to expanding your Wheel can have remarkable results. Consider that the entire Great Books of The Western World can be read in ten years, reading only fifteen minutes a day. Organized activity and persistence are the wellsprings of your success.

When I was twelve years old, I learned to play chess. Because I later turned that dream into a goal, to be a chess master someday, I consistently have spent a lot of time along the way, studying and practicing chess. For one thing it is addictive, and another it is a good defense against Alzheimer’s. The benefits of playing chess are numerous, such as developing patience, critical thinking, planning, decision-making and above all, having FUN!

 A goal needs a deadline, or “Target Date”, which is a term that  seems a little less imposing. After all, goals are written on paper and not chiseled in concrete. They are much like having a target to shoot at on the firing range. If you don’t have a target, you don’t know how to adjust. In artillery school they teach the young Lieutenants to walk the rounds in to the target, one at a time. When the target is eventually hit, the order to “Fire for Effect” is given, lighting them up good. Goals can have the same galvanizing effect on your life and “Light it Up”.

Setting a goal is also like loading a gun, so when the target of opportunity wanders by, you aren’t fumbling to load the weapon, allowing the target to escape; goals are also like a trap, set, and waiting for the unwary to blunder in and fulfill your goal. Over time you should set numerous goals in each area of life. Paul J. Meyer, founder of Success Motivation Institute, the most successful “Success Academy” on the planet, says, “ If you are not working on at least a hundred goals for your life, you are at risk of grossly underachieving.” Most people have no conception of the vastness of the potential of the human mind, and bring a teaspoon to mine the riches, instead of a steam shovel.

Little by little, over the last 59 years of playing chess, I have been building and preparing for the  “target of opportunity” which just came along into my life: The MILLION DOLLAR CHESS TOURNAMENT (http://www.millionairechess.com )  has been announced to be played in Las Vegas, Oct 9-13, 2014. The decision has been made to participate in the tournament. The funding will come from a Crowdfunding Campaign, an option that did not exist a few short years ago. During pre-launch of the Campaign, we are asking for pledges in advance, so that the campaign gets out of the box with some momentum,,,critical to its success. If you would like to support this project to help someone fulfill a life dream, and learn something about chess in the process, email the amount of your launch pledge to: http://www.leadershipguruguy.gmail.com .

Thank you for your support!

Best regards,



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