LIFE LESSONS FOR A 22 YEAR-OLD: 10 Key Takeaways From A Life Well-Lived


As a 71 year-old man without any children, never having been married, it is my desire to pass on to posterity, certain precious lessons of life which I learned the hard way. If I ever have any children, this is what they need to know in order to survive, prosper and achieve happiness.

Every parent wants his son, or daughter, to be more successful than he or she is. That is why people sacrifice for their children, to give them a leg up in life (and beyond). Too much of a leg up financially,however, can have the opposite effect, producing a spoiled, indolent, self-absorbed young adult with bad habits (which will only get worse). First, you make your habits, and then your habits make YOU…or BREAK you. We are all a product of our environmental conditioning. The lucky ones achieve spectacular success because a parent, teacher, friend, coach, or relative cared enough to repetitiously share this type of reliable information about success and failure in life.

Here are the key lessons that separate successes from failures, winners from losers:

1) Failure is OK! In fact, mistakes and failures are essential. Failure is the only pathway to true wisdom and ultimate success. The key is to learn a lesson from each failure. This attitude about failure results in a person getting stronger, rather than weaker, from each mistake. Study the mistakes and failures of others.(You don’t have time to make them all yourself, although I have tried).

2) You can be, or do, anything you can dream. By “seeing” it in your mind first, you can judge if the goal is worth the price you must pay. If you are not working on at least 100 goals for your life, you are grossly under-achieving.

3) Winners never quit and quitters never win. “Overnight success” generally takes at least 20 years.

4) You will never reach your true potential until you find your soul mate. After a few false starts, I am still patiently seeking mine.

5) “Whatever you vividly imagine, ardently desire, sincerely believe, and enthusiastically act upon, must inevitably come to pass.” –Paul J. Meyer. This is a simple foumula for success!Every accomplishment begins with an idea powerful enough to generate enough desire to produce action, and enough belief to develop the perseverance of an “I will not be denied” attitude about life.

6) There is clinical evidence of a consciousness after “physical death” (See the book: “Life After Life”), as well as, evidence of a previous existence.

7) UFOs are real. It is called a preponderance of evidence (Do your own research).

8) True happiness comes not from having, but from becoming. However, it is difficult to know this if you’ve never had stuff.

9) The key to abolishing a DESTRUCTIVE habit is to substitute a CONSTRUCTIVE habit to replace it. The brain, which is the most sophisticated computer in the world, is programmed by repetition. It takes 21days of repetitious exposure to an idea, to inculcate it and make the transition to re-program the brain from negative to positive. This generally doesn’t happen unless a change agent, such as myself or our program, enters the scene.

10) The “three-legged stool” of good health includes these three legs:

1) Nutrition- an alkaline body is a healthy body.

2) Exercise- when you “work out” you DO get stronger. What a concept!

3) Positive Attitude- Doctors cannot explain why certain people, who are expected to live, die…and, others who were expected to die, live. It is all about the will, or desire, to live. Desire is based on goals, or reason, for living. Doctor Victor Frankel, himself a Holocaust survivor, in his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”, reported that every Holocaust survivor he studied had a driving force or “reason to live” which enabled them to overcome the horror. Sheer force of will can forestall “death” for “long time”.


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