Solving The Business Owners Retirement Dilemma: How To Retire Early By Developing Your “Heir Apparent” Today!

“You’ve poured a lifetime of sweat, time and capital into building your business. You’ve begun thinking about retirement, and your strategy is to sell your company for a good price, settle back and enjoy a financially secure retirement. But like many business owners, you’ve made the mistake of assuming this scenario will happen, and you haven’t bothered to make other retirement plans”


When I read this article in this morning’s paper, the solution to the problem became clear to me, based on my own company’s expertise.

(read the rest of the article here:

The solution is simple: just pick the top ten contenders for”Top Dog” and enroll them all in an in-depth leadership development program. The winner will be obvious to even the most casual observer.

Think about this: most people operate on 5-15% of their potential. Imagine if there were a way to magically increase that usage by only 10%. That is to say that everyone in the company began using only 10% more of their creativity, their time, their energy, their skills, their ability to communicate & to sell, to manage, to lead, and to make decisions?

If we could do this, what do you think the RESULTS would be? What RESULTS  would you like to achieve?

The way to ACHIEVE RESULTS is: developing one employee at a time!

However, this can be done simultaneously with an entire group. Here is how you would approach the employees:

Have you given up on your Dream(s)?  When you were little, what did you want to be, or do, when you grew up? Are you on track?

What is your major life’s purpose? Get back on your feet? Make more money? Achieve work/life balance? Travel the world? Lose weight? Get in shape? Master a sport? What is your dream? If we could show you a program that would enable you to achieve your childhood and your adult dreams, would you be interested?

 An organized approach ensures that nothing falls through the cracks….You can have it all, just not all at once…

SMI- Slide Show 002.jpg

 Belief is the number one attitude requirement for success. Goal setting is the number one skill. The combination of the two, creates self-motivation, the ultimate entrepreneurial behavior. SUCCESS IS THE RESULT OF GOAL-DIRECTED ACTION.
Success Motivation Institute was founded in 1960 by Paul J. Meyer. Meyer, at age 35, was looking for something to do with the “rest of his life”, having just retired a millionaire from the insurance industry. Meyer had trained 800 Million Dollar Roundtable members and he remembered how much he enjoyed seeing his proteges succeed, and so he decided to create a company to help ANYONE succeed at ANYTHING!

SMI- Slide Show 004.jpg

 Paul J. Meyer founded the most successful “Success Academy” in the world, Success Motivation Institute, Inc,in 1960. Now known as Leadership Management International, Inc.(LMI: founded 1966), LMI was named by Entrepreneur Magazine as the leading management consulting franchise in the world, in 2004.

SMI- Slide Show 005.jpg

 Paul Meyer was able to become a spectacular success by utilizing the teachings of Napoleon Hill in the book, “Think and Grow Rich”!
The development program he created puts the time-tested information in a form which is conveniently assimilated by anyone. It achieves the equivalent of reading the book six times, while using otherwise wasted time!

SMI- Slide Show 006.jpg

 LMI now has Franchises in 60 countries and 23 languages. LMI has been creating global leaders since 1966.

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 Henry Ford said, “An investment in yourself is the most profitable investment you can make.” But with so many choices, how is one to know which methodology is the  most reliable path to success?

SMI- Slide Show 008.jpg

 What are these three most critical elements that make the LMI program so effective? Will it work for YOU?

SMI- Slide Show 009.jpg

 First, Spaced Repetition, which is the same way we learn the words to a song from a CD, or the radio, without even trying! It is the same way we learned to talk, learned the alphabet, and multiplication tables…

SMI- Slide Show 010.jpg

 Second, CONVENIENCE! Modern technology can turn the automobile, a plane trip, or even a shower, into a classroom.It is so easy, ANYBODY can be successful, even your most obtuse employee!

SMI- Slide Show 011.jpg

 Motivation is defined by the Dictionary as, “the reason ANYBODY does ANYTHING”…The roots of the word are, “MOTIVE” and “ACTION” or,  goal-directed action. Personal Motivation is the key to success. It is more important than education, intelligence, or family connections.

SMI- Slide Show 012.jpg

 Once these proven success principles and attitudes are inculcated and ingrained into the personality, your success journey goes on automatic pilot! Your goals program will morph into a lifetime plan…

SMI- Slide Show 013.jpg

 We can Change our Attitude(s) Through Spaced Repetition:

Crest WAS the top of a hill, or wave…Mustang WAS a horse…Tide WAS the motion of the ocean…because of Spaced Repetition the automatic reflex/default meanings of these words has been permanently altered.

SMI- Slide Show 014.jpg

 More examples of Spaced Repetition:

When I was a math teacher I learned the power of spaced repetition.  I happened to learn the formulas to solve math problems,  without even trying, just by teaching the same material over-and-over, in a period of a week! This real-life experience was critical to my later making the decision to join SMI. Suddenly, as the Representative talked about Spaced Repetition, I KNEW, without a doubt that,“These people know what they are talking about!”.

When it came time to make the investment in myself I did not hesitate…and, as the man said, ” that has made all the difference”.

SMI- Slide Show 015.jpg

 Spaced Repetition is the key to over-learning an idea for permanent retention, instant recall, and use. It is easy, and as your powers of concentration rapidly improve, you actually are able to learn with fewer-and-fewer repetitions.

SMI- Slide Show 016.jpg

With only one exposure, ideas are 98% forgotten after a little more than two weeks! Knowing this, when you call back to a potential client, it is wise to review what has been said in previous meetings.

SMI- Slide Show 017.jpg

 What is important is the RESULTS we get in life! If you want  to get better RESULTS in your life (or your company) our programs work EVERY TIME for EVERYBODY!

SMI- Slide Show 018.jpg

Our RESULTS come from our ACTIONS!

SMI- Slide Show 019.jpg

 Our ACTIONS are produced by what we THINK!

SMI- Slide Show 021.jpg

 The ideas that we  believe, our principles, determine how we think habitually. They become our attitudes and they influence the decisions we make. Our decisions motivate our actions; and our actions give us our results. Good principles yield good results; bad principles yield bad results.

SMI- Slide Show 022.jpg

 All SMI/LMI programs are designed to cover one lesson each week with a minimum of one daily repetition (no maximum) to achieve a 68% permanent retention rate; thus, permanently inculcating the winning attitudes and beliefs into the personality. This allows immediate interactive, on-the-job access and utilization of the ideas and concepts which bring spectacular success in life…

SMI- Slide Show 023.jpg

 CONVENIENCE is the key to successful implementation. I have even listened to the program while taking a shower in order to utilize otherwise wasted time…

SMI- Slide Show 024.jpg

 No only it there no study, but you will find the program to be fascinating… because the subject matter is the most interesting thing on earth to you…and that is YOU, and your future SUCCESS!

SMI- Slide Show 025.jpg

 This program always works for everyone who goes through it. It will work for YOU, too! What kind of RESULTS do you want?

SMI- Slide Show 026.jpg

 This is the portable classroom which can be used on your boat, by the pool, while driving, flying or even going to the bathroom…

SMI- Slide Show 027.jpg

 The program is ten weeks long, covering one lesson per week:

Lesson One: Setting and Achieving Your Personal Goals

Introduces the concept of goal setting, a vital ingredient of success. Goals of becoming include overcoming the habit of procrastination, which is achieved by simply adopting the “Do It Now” habit, in it’s place.

Developing your Personal Plan of Action is the heart of the program.

Lesson Two: Set Your Imagination Free

is designed to install a positive, “Can Do”,  attitude; unleash your creativity; and get started setting goals.

Lesson Three: Potential Unlimited

making one aware of their untapped potential; sets them off on a journey of progress, growth and change; tapping into unlimited potential.

Lesson Four: Courage To Set And Achieve Goals

Fear, Doubt and Worry are the three de-motivators of life. The antidote to fear is courage; courage to dream, courage to face yourself, courage to start, courage to take risks, and the courage to establish values.

Lesson Five: Five Keys To Success Through Goal Setting

Developing a definition of success; developing your Million Dollar Personal Success Plan; and setting your personal priorities.

SMI- Slide Show 028.jpg

 Lesson Six: Giving Direction To Your Dreams

Your Present Life- before you can decide where you want to go, you must assess where you are now. A map is useless without a starting point.

Establishing priorities and a set of values; taking inventory of assets. Deciding where you want to go.

Lesson Seven: Self Motivation And Goal Setting

Becoming goal-directed is the key to becoming self-motivated. Self motivation is the attitude of an entrepreneur. Discovering my major purpose/goal in life.

Lesson Eight: Visualization- The Dream Machine

Shakespeare called the imagination the “Mind’s Eye”. The ability to see things in your mind that don’t exist in the real world is a special talent, one that separates us from the other animals. Developing visualization skills is the key to developing creativity in people. Everyone has creativity, but it must be developed just like a muscle. Like any other skill, the more you do it, the better you get!

Lesson Nine: The Power of Affirmation

Affirmations are positive statements affirming your intentions. They are a tool to keep you on track, constant reminders to keep you motivated and moving toward your goals.

Lesson Ten: Planning Your Life With Positive Expectancy

You control your own destiny. People tend to live up to expectations placed upon them. A goals program is simply placing expectations upon yourself. After much planning and thought, with the tools for success in this program, you will develop the confidence that your expectations will be achieved. When you have “gone public” with a your goals, committed to them in front of friends, family, God, and everybody, your success is assured.

SMI- Slide Show 029.jpg

 Our definition of success means that success is not accidental, it is PREDETERMINED.
Success is PERSONAL; in other words, YOUR goals won’t motivate ME, and MY goals won’t motivate YOU.
Success must be WORTHWHILE; an unethical goal won’t have the power to supply the sustained level of motivation that is required for success.
Success is not overnight, it is PROGRESSIVE; most overnight success stories take twenty years! Success is the JOURNEY, not the DESTINATION; enjoy the trip, it will be over before you know it. So don’t forget to smell the tulips, Buttercup!

SMI- Slide Show 030.jpg

 What was the CRITICAL DIFFERENCE that made the 3% so successful?

SMI- Slide Show 031.jpg

 Writing down your goals, with target dates to motivate you,and affirmations to constantly remind you, is like buying an INSURANCE POLICY to guarantee your SUCCESS in life. You will be glad you did, GOAL SETTING is the key to living an extraordinary life!

SMI- Slide Show 032.jpg

 Written Goals are developed, utilizing the Plan of Action’s self-evaluation inventory. The personal inventory aids in DEVELOPING A SET OF VALUES and GOALS, corresponding to your answers to 20 probing questions in each of the six areas of your life.

Written Goals build CONFIDENCE by starting with small goals and progressively increasing them. “It’s hard by the yard, but it’s a cinch by the inch.”

The world Champion high jumper did not start jumping at 7 feet, he worked his way up a quarter inch at a time from his starting point. Incremental improvement over the long haul is the key to  outstanding achievement.

Written Goals help REDUCE CONFLICT between goals because  priorities are determined in advance.

Written Goals SAVE TIME  because you don’t have to keep re-thinking your plans and decisions.

Written Goals help you CONCENTRATE, because you know that your priorities are in order, and you can afford to take your time, concentrate and do the very best you know how,  Work the plan.

Written Goals help MAKE GOOD DECISIONS, especially in a time of crisis, because you decided on your goals and values when you were calm, cool, and collected.

Written Goals REDUCE WORRY because you are tracking your progress and you know that “The Universe Is Unfolding As It Should”.

Written Goals create a SENSE OF PURPOSE AND ANTICIPATION OF LIFE because you have seen your goals being achieved over the months and years, and you know what great things are in store for the future. Everything I am doing today, I dreamed about and planned forty years ago!

SMI- Slide Show 033.jpg

 The Plan of Action is the Heart of the Goals Program. It is divided into six sections, one for each major area of the “Wheel of Life”  which must be attended to, in order to have a smooth ride:

Mental & Educational- developing the habit of life-long learning.

Physical & Health- coming to the realization that if you lose your health, it does not matter how much money you make.

Social & Cultural- socializing, art and music help provide the joy of living.

Spiritual & Ethical- developing your personal “Rules for Living” and “Rules for Dying” and dealing with “Life After Life”.

Financial & Career- maximizing your financial potential. Learning that if you do what you love, the money will come. Follow your passion and live life to the fullest!

Family & Home- goals for raising a family of exciting goal setters and building a home, not just a house.

SMI- Slide Show 003.jpg

 To achieve a smooth ride on the “Interstate of Life”, you must get the spokes of your “Wheel of Life” to be of relatively equal length. Otherwise, if one, or more, is neglected, or over-extended,  you risk having what I had: a “Blowout on the Interstate of Life”!

I started my Makeover through Goal Setting when I was thirty years old and, consequently, have lived an exciting, fun-filled life for the last 40+ years. Now, I am looking forward to the “Second Half” and following up on the 100+ goals I set in my youth…If you are not working on at least 100 goals in your life, you run the risk of grossly under-achieving your potential…

SMI- Slide Show 034.jpg

 All truly successful people are constantly striving to develop this…what is it?

SMI- Slide Show 035.jpg

 The “Slight Edge” can be extra practice, diet, conditioning, an idea, a strategy…always develop as many slight edges as possible to develop, keep, and increase, your competitive advantage.
SMI- Slide Show 036.jpg
 When you have a photo finish, THAT is a VERY “Slight Edge”…the one that pays the price in advance through preparation, usually has the “Slight Edge”, or “kick”, at the end…

SMI- Slide Show 037.jpg

 A person who goes through life constantly improving and expanding all of these “Slight Edges”, must inevitably be successful!

SMI- Slide Show 038.jpg

 1)The investment is the best part about it, because for you as an individual,or as a company, to achieve the same results through any other method, would cost many thousands of dollars. The Harvard Business School costs $40K+ and probably would not be as effective.

The investment ranges from as little as $1500 for one employee, to $30,000 for an in-house leadership campus.

A good rule of thumb for investing in yourself, or your company, is 5% of your desired annual income should be invested in developing the potential of your people.

The returns will come about in your ability to achieve more of the things you want for your company, yourself and your family. Live a life that most people only dream about.

The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting for one participant is only $1,500, which you can deposit now at Paypal account:

Once you complete this interactive  development program, you become the “Go To Guy” for motivation, sales, and leadership development in your company, or organization. We recommend that all spouses also participate to prevent one from out-growing the other.

2) Your can get started right away by contacting the Leadership Guru Guy:

SMI- Slide Show 039.jpg

 Who do you know that:

*needs to be more enthusiastic,

*needs more confidence,

*needs direction in their life, or company,

*needs an “attitude adjustment”,

*wants to make more money,

*wants to start a business,

*wants to change their life?

Think about your company and your partner companies. Think about your best friends and family first. This is the opportunity of a lifetime and you naturally want to share it with the ones you love the most, first!


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