“Leadership 3.0: Transformational Leadership on Steroids”  is a serialized book being written on-line by Darrell Runyan, a former Marine Officer and Candidate for the U.S. Senate  (Ga/’72).

The book is intended to be a resource for leaders and an inspiration for Citizens to become leaders… a Nation of Leaders.

Only two years before the Senate race, Runyan was in the depths of a ‘Blue Funk Depression’, as he calls it, the result of a series of mistakes and failures that were costing him his self-confidence. His mental turnaround is cronicled in this serialized book: “Leadership 3.0”. It  is the story and the lessons of how he did a ‘total makeover’ on himself. It is intended as a handbook for anyone seeking to do the same.

The change agent was Leadership Management Institute, Inc (LMI), and their program entitled, “The Dynamics of Personal Leadership”. LMI is an international leadership consulting firm with offices in 60 countries and programs and materials translated into 23 languages. Mr Runyan represents the company today as a Corporate Recruiter.

He may be reached: leadershipguruguy@gmail..com


Cell: 850-232-2951


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